The Friends of the National Theatre are a firm feature among Munich’s patrons of the arts.

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We not only support the National Theatre and the Prince Regent Theatre buildings.

We also help talented young people on their way to becoming internationally acclaimed musicians.

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Our members enjoy access to a wide range of events. For example, we invite them on exclusive tours, to observe rehearsals, 
to our annual concert, on opera tours and to special events. Further information about these events


The effort that the Friends of the National Theatre put into reconstructing the House and their continuing support for the Bavarian State Opera all the years since cannot be overestimated. The same applies to their emotional ties with the performances and artistes of this ensemble, which for years I have considered my artistic home.

“The support of the Friends of the National Theatre provides us with unparalleled training and development opportunities as young artists at the Bavarian State Opera. This kind of hands-on training is unique and has nurtured generations of opera singers around the globe. I feel very fortunate to be part of this amazing programme. Thank you to the Friends of the National Theatre for your continued support and encouragement.”

If you want to achieve something special, it is good to know that you are not alone. I am glad that the Friends of the National Theatre are there to support our endeavours in so many ways. We are immensely grateful to everyone in the association for their efforts on behalf of the Bavarian State Opera.

Without the Friends’ Association, the National Theatre would not exist in its current, historically authentic form. The history of the association and the restoration of the theatre say a lot about the link between society and opera as a form of art. Where else in the world has a citizens’ initiative striven to rebuild an opera house in the aftermath of a war as a symbolic bridge between different social eras? Where – other than in Munich – has this produced an enduring commitment best encapsulated in the term “friendship”?




The August Everding Theatre Academy provides a unique form of teaching and learning. The Friends of the National Theatre support the Theatre Academy in a number of ways, including bursaries, purchasing instruments and sponsoring productions.

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History . 1952


Founding an association and publicising the cause was not enough at the time. Money was needed – and the plan was to run a tombola. The first was held in 1952, generating 625,000 German Marks. After that, the tombolas became an annual fixture in Munich city centre.

The Friends’ “collective” efforts stretched beyond this. One fundraiser followed the next for the course of a decade – as concerts, plays, gentlemen’s evenings and even a day’s flying at Oberwiesenfeld airfield (now Olympic arena) all brought in money for this good cause.

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